Meeting Minutes – 8/8/2010

Cinabar, Shirkon, Tagg and Bernadette were members present, besides myself.

Squire Issues:
Some of you might not remember him..but Tagari is back. He was a former squire of Kriztian, afore Kriztian took off. Shirkon has taken on Tagari as squire.

Also, Lady Karibeth, ranger and member of Arcane, was a guest as announced by Tagg two weeks ago. Tagg nominated Karibeth to be a Friend of the Order. If there is no objection, Tagg and I will vouch for Karibeth. She is a great lady and will be a good Friend.

Don't forget to check out the Landing forum notes from Saturday...go to:

Also on September 4th at Helden Hall, beginning at 3 pm elven (eastern) will be our Dame Wanton open matches.

Last, but not least, we seem to have less people able to show up on Sunday at 6 pm or on Sunday at all for our meetings. I am resubmitting two possible days...Saturday at 7 pm (seems to work for most) or on Friday...perhaps at the same time. Need to hear your thoughts folks...otherwise we will continue to meet on Restdays (Sunday) and have few to show up. Seems several could not open up my updated Excel spreadsheet chart, so just forget that one. (g)

Oh, btw, Sir Morgiest is back again!