Meeting Minutes - 9/26/1999

In Attendance: (uncaptured)

Heyo all,

Another great meeting tonight, lots of joking around in which we find out what Geijon's nickname was at Simucon last week ::evil grin:: Answers from Hyoko...

We talked more about joining our forces with the guard in mutual cooperation. Also with the Amazons and the Phoenix force.

It was suggested that ALL the groups that are interested in defending Wehnimers get together in a huge meeting to get to know one another and share our views. It's also hoped we can get a banner up for that day. I have also sent word to Baron Malwind to see if he would be agreeable to coming to such a meeting, although the date has not been decided as yet. The guards were, as usual, stalwart in their refusal to open the gate to deliver it personally, so we'll have to rely on the runners.

It was also suggested that we carefully inquire into the various houses' interest once more now that things have settled some, and perhaps approach them a different way to see if they would want to share in the town's defense at all. Also it was suggested not to forget those houses in Ice Mule.

Cryheart would like all the members of PR to send him times when they are available for a meeting so we can discuss the topic for the next discussion :)

Have a safe hunt out there!