Meeting Minutes - 10/3/1999

In Attendance: (uncaptured)

Heya all,

We had an interesting meeting tonight. First of all Kiora has returned from her long extended journey and we welcomed her back into the fold.

Secondly, last week Metadi expressed an interest in making Jeanius his squire. (One per month) Ruffelin has expressed his intention to make Evia his apprentice next week unless there are any objections.

Brinn also formally announced the departure of Frorin from the lands, but said that if he should ever come back, he'd be welcomed.

Cryheart announced a possible meeting with all the defenders of the Landing and lands tentatively for October 17th. The time has not been set yet, but this promises to be a huge meeting.

Pyranth questioned what was going on with Glarb and Brinn replied:

Brinn says, "Pyranth, Glarb must contact me directly, and convince me of his intentions personally before I will bring the matter before the Order. Once I have been convinced, then the Order will also have to be convinced. He will have to pass another full vote, in other words. He is lobbying from a position of someone who has walked away from us, deeming us unfit for his company. He will have to convince me of what happened to cause a change of heart, and of why he will now embrace what he has in the past rejected. The Council can overturn this decision of mine, and you, as full members, should feel free to petition them to do so if you don't agree with the decision."

It was also suggested by Asglyn that Glarb merely wants his bracer back, to which members snorted.

And finally there will be NO meeting next week... simply a hunt.

Have a great week everyone!