Meeting Minutes - 1/2/2011

In Attendance: (uncaptured)

Heyo all,

Cryheart announced that the next PR talk is going to be about patience (not sure about a date yet)

Vurk came and told us that Holswort, the herald from Jantalar, approached him with the job of assassinating Maldon, Brinn, Deavon, Wanton and Ruffelin. He also asked him about assassinating Malwind as well. Vurk plans to turn the job down, but folks should be aware that Holswort will likely find someone else to do it.

Some of us then took a trip to the gates of Vornavis and were able to rouse the guard to speak to us. After a lot of wrangling, he agreed to wake his captain. The captain, after more wrangling agreed to deliver a carefully worded message to Malwind.